Martin Kirby Simulations

Martin Kirby is a high school Physics teacher who loves to make interactive simulations. His simulations typically contain a rich array of variables to manipulate and are packed with numerous options for displaying the simulation results, allowing learners to dive as deep as they wish into an understanding of the simulated system. He has contributed numerous interactive simulations to our Interactives collection. You can find them sprinkled throughout the various chapters. We've included this page as a quick reference to the ones that he has contributed. Use the links below to access the simulations:

Vectors and Projectiles:

Forces and Motion in Two Dimensions:

Momentum and Collisions:

Circular Motion and Gravitation:


Static Electricity:


Vibrations, Waves, and Sound:

Chemistry (also fitting for Thermodynamics)


We owe a special thanks to Physics teacher Martin Kirby for allowing us to host these simulations in our Interactives collection. If you like any of these sims, you can tap on the Donate button and buy him a cup of coffee (or a pot of coffee ... or a month's worth of coffee); he'd appreciate it. And if you wish to view more of Martin's simulations, visit his website at