Forces in 2-Dimensions

A Concept-Builder is an interactive questioning module that presents learners with carefully crafted questions that target various aspects of a concept. Each Concept Builder focuses the learner's attention upon a discrete learning outcome. Questions target that outcome from a variety of angles using multiple difficulty levels or varying activities. The following Concept Builders target concepts associated with Forces in Two Dimensions.

Solve It! (with Fnet = m•a and Vectors)
Learning Goal:  To use vector resolution and the Fnet = m•a equation to analyze situations involving a horizontal acceleration caused by a force applied at an angle to the horizontal.

Learning Goal:  To use concepts of equilibrium and vector components in order to add two forces to an object so as to establish an equilibrium state.

Free-Body Diagrams for Inclined Planes
Learning Goal:  To construct a free-body diagram for both a basic and a complex inclined plane situation.

Solve It! - Inclined Planes
Learning Goal:  To use vector principles and Newton’s laws to analyze situations involving objects moving along inclined planes.