Questions and Answers about The Teacher Presentation Pack


What is it?

Briefly put, the Teacher Presentation Pack is a downloadable package of content that supports Physics teacher's efforts to plan lessons, give presentations, and build curriculum.


What is in the Teacher Presentation Pack?

We have answered that question thoroughly on our Contents page. There you will find a thorough description of the contents of the downloadable package. Information about topics and subtopics, file formats, etc. is available there. We are not hiding anything; details can be found there. It is worth the read.  We want you to know what you are getting.

What can I use the Teacher Presentation Pack for?

The intended use of the Teacher Presentation Pack is to assist teachers in preparing lessons, particularly the presentation of topics. Many teachers enjoy using PowerPoint or Google Slides slide decks in their teaching. They can streamline the presentation, keep the teacher on track, and keep the lesson flowing. They are also great tools to provide students access to if they need to review the lesson or even missed the lesson. When combined with our Lesson Notes, students will have a record of the lesson that can be referred to at any point during the unit or even school year. The package of downloadable content also contains images, animations, and movies. We provided loads of tools that teachers could re-purpose for inclusion on practice sheets, quizzes, and tests. The creative teacher will likely find many uses of the contents of the package.


Can I edit the slide decks and personalize them?

Yes! We hope you do. And don't stop there. We're giving you a complete package of slide decks, Lesson Notes, images, animations, etc. Edit it all. Re-purpose it. Personalize it. Be in charge of it. Just remember the licensing agreement discussed below.


Who would benefit from purchasing the Teacher Presentation Pack?

Whether you are an early-career teacher, a first-time physics teacher crossing over from biology-, chemistry-, or math-teaching, or a veteran teacher who has been teaching since Newton's day, The Physics Classroom believes that the Teacher Presentation Pack is likely to be of great benefit. Whether you're a busy teacher juggling a couple of coaching duties and activities with a full load of teaching and grading or simply wishing to save some time planning lessons, the Teacher Presentation Pack will be a much-appreciated time-saver. If you are looking for ready-to-use Presentation slide decks, this is the ideal product. If you could benefit from a vast collection of images and some informative animations, it is a worth investment. If you need Lesson Notes to assist struggling students, you will find plenty of them in the package. And particularly, if you are an early-career teacher or a cross-over teacher to Physics, this is an exceptional collection of tools to add to your collection. .


What are the technical requirements for using the Teacher Presentation Pack?

Since the Teacher Presentation Pack consists of Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word files, the contents are best used with an updated version of PowerPoint and Word. Both our PowerPoint and Word documents can be uploaded to Google Drive and viewed using Google Slides and Google Docs. Some PowerPoint features (described on our Contents page) do not work with Google Slides. We have provided more immediately compatible versions of our slide decks for use with Google Slides. Small edits will allow teachers to recover those lost features with full compatibility. See the section titled Google Slides and our Slide Decks on page 3 of our ReadMeFirst document.

The downloadable package also includes PDFs, .mp4 files, and .GIF files. Most operating systems include applications that can view PDFs and .mp4 files. The .GIF files can be opened in a browser or inserted into Microsoft Word.

The Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word applications are not included as part of this download. They must be purchased separately.

What is the licensing agreement for its use?

The Teacher Presentation Pack comes with a licensing agreement that permits the user the right to edit all content and to use all content in any projects for their classroom or the classrooms of other teachers within their school. We thoroughly describe the end user license agreement on our Contents page. Please know the limitations to the license. Use and distribution of the contents are limited to your own students and those at your school via media that prevent access to the contents by those outside your school. This prohibits the distribution of the contents to the public at large and requires the use of password-protected course management systems. The licensing agreement is described in full on our Contents page.

Is it possible to view a sample PowerPoint slide deck?

Yes. The PowerPoints in the download package are slightly improved versions of those used in the Physics Video Tutorial section of our website. You can navigate there, open a topic and a video and view the presentation. We have done some editing to the slide decks that you see but they are mostly improvements that make the slide deck more teacher-friendly.



Is it possible to view a sample Lesson Notes page?

Yes. The Lesson Notes included in the download package are available in PDF format at the Physics Video Tutorial section of our website. You can navigate there, open a topic, open a sub-topic, and look for the links to the Lesson Notes. The downloadable package comes with the PDF version and an editable Microsoft Word version. The licensing agreement allows you to edit and customize the Lesson Notes and to share it with your students via password-protected course management systems.


What are the slide decks like? What topics are covered?

We don't try to hide anything. You can view the detailed PDFs on the Contents page; these list the topics, the sub-topics, the animations, and more. You should also read the previous two questions.


Using someone else's slide deck isn't always easy. What if I don't understand the logic of the slide decks?

We hear you. It's sometimes hard to know what the slide deck creator was thinking when including a particular slide. But the beautiful thing about this package is that every slide deck has been used to present the topic. As we have referenced, this package was inspired by the Physics Video Tutorial section of our website. The slide decks are used there in a presentation that is publicly available and viewable. If you don't understand Slide 7 of a particular topic, then visit the video and fast forward to Slide 7 and see how it is used. And if you're new to Physics and not comfortable with Physics topics, then you can preview the use of the slide decks at the Physics Video Tutorial section of our website.


Can I try it out for a while and get a refund if it doesn't work for me?

No. This is not a retail product that you can return to a store. Once you download the files they are on your computer. It's not something that can be returned. We do not offer refunds. We make every effort to describe it clearly and thoroughly. See our Contents page, our FAQ page, and the entirety of this page. If this is something that you need, then buy it. If it isn't something that you need, then don't try it.


Who shouldn't buy the Teacher Presentation Pack?

This is a presentation pack. It is designed for those who regularly present information to students on common Physics topics. Learn more about the topics here. If you are a student, a home-school parent, or simply a physics enthusiast, this product is not for you. We do not offer refunds so please do not purchase this before reading about it and knowing what it includes.


Will you ever update the Teacher Presentation Pack?

It's likely that we will. We would update to correct errors that are reported, to fix parts that malfunction, and to add any additional slide decks and lesson notes that are created since the original release. We will evaluate the need for updates on an annual basis. Those who make the purchase will receive a notice via email.

How do I purchase it?

The Teacher Presentation Pack can be easily purchased using the Buy Now button on the Purchase page. You can pay be debit card, credit card, or via a PayPal account. In all instances, the payments are processed through PayPal. You can also order by Purchase Order. There is an order form at the bottom of the Purchase page.


What am I waiting for? 

That's a good question. You certainly don't want to wait until you retire. Purchase it now and make the most out of your purchase.




The Teacher Presentation Pack is one more example of how The Physics Classroom offers user-friendly, classroom-ready resources that serve students, teachers and classrooms.