Chemistry: Units and Measurement


We have 6 ready-to-use problem sets on the topic of Units and Measurement. These problem sets focus on precision of measurement (significant digits), unit conversions, and the mass-volume-density relationship. The problem sets were designed for the early units of a Chemistry course.

Click a link to open a publicly-available problem set.  If you are a Task Tracker student, open the assignment using the link on the Task Tracker assignment board.

Problem UM1:  Measurement
Identify the number of significant figures in a measurement and identify the quantity associated with a measurement based on its unit. Includes 8 problems.

Problem Set UM2 – Unit Conversion 1
Use an understanding of metric prefixes to convert between metric units. Includes 7 problems, one of which involves temperature conversions.

Problem Set UM3 – Unit Conversion 2
Perform 1-step or 2-step conversions to convert between metric and non-metric units. Includes 6 problems.

Problem Set UM4 –Unit Conversion 3
Turn two or three non-metric unit equivalencies into conversion factors and solve for an unknown using the factor label method.  Includes 8 problems.

Problem Set UM5 – Density Calculations 1
Manipulate the density-mass-volume equation to solve for an unknown quantity.  Includes 7 problems.

Problem Set UM6 – Density Calculations 2
Use an understanding of the density-mass-volume relationship to analyze an experimental or real-world scenario. Includes 6 problems.