Circular and Satellite Motion

A Concept Builder is an interactive questioning module that presents learners with carefully crafted questions that target various aspects of a concept. Each Concept Builder focuses the learner's attention upon a discrete learning outcome. Questions target that outcome from a variety of angles using multiple difficulty levels or varying activities. The following Concept Builders target concepts associated with Circular and Satellite Motion.

Circular Logic
Learning Goal: To identify the direction of the velocity, acceleration, and net force vectors for an object moving in a circle at constant speed.

Case Studies - Circular Motion
Learning Goal: To compare the velocity, acceleration, and net force of two different objects moving in circles with different radii, periods, speeds, and mass.

Forces and Free-Body Diagrams in Circular Motion
Learning Goal: To identify the free-body diagram (FBD) that is consistent with a given physical situation involving an object moving in a circle.

Universal Gravitation
Learning Goal: To use Newton’s law of universal gravitation to predict the effect of varying mass and varying separation distance upon the gravitational force between two objects.

Gravitational Field Strength
Learning Goal: To use the relationship between mass, distance, and gravitational field strength (g) to determine the strength of the gravitational field some distance from a planet.