Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses

The Curriculum Corner was written with students, teachers, and classrooms in mind. It was written with the intent that it would be used. Our hope is that teachers would print the pages and include it as part of or as the whole of their curriculum. It was created to help teachers more effectively use and incorporate the other resources at our website with their classes. That is one reason why we have indexed specific Tutorial pages and Minds On Physics assignments at the top of each page.

Unfortunately, use and abuse become rather confused in today's age in which there are so many readily accessible resources for us teachers to use. As copyright owners of this body of work, The Physics Classroom hopes to clarify the line between use and abuse by the following listing. For those who are interested in a broader set of licensing rights, consider the purchase of our Solutions Guide product


Acceptable Uses

The following list describes acceptable uses of the PDFs at The Curriculum Corner.
  1. Printing the pages and duplicating them for use with their classrooms. As many pages as desired can be freely printed.
  2. Printing  specific PDF files and including the content with content from other sources. Such content can eventually be printed and copied for distribution to their students. The copyright notice at the bottom of the page should remain on such printed documents.
  3. Doing either of the above for distribution to students of other teachers from the same school.


Unacceptable Uses

The following is a an incomplete list that describes some unacceptable uses of the PDFs at The Curriculum Corner. The Physics Classroom prohibits such uses.
  1. Downloading the files and placing them on other websites.
  2. Displaying the files on other websites via frames or any other presentation or layout format.
  3. Printing the files, writing answers to one or more questions onto the worksheets, and posting scans or photos of the printed materials with the added answers on other websites.
  4. Downloading the files and converting them to other forms and uploading the original content to other websites.
  5. Acquring the files and/or their content by downloading or electronically copying such information and then distributing the files and/or content in any electronic or digital format to others.
  6. Doing any of the above with the intent of profiting from the sale and distribution of the pages.

Please note that many teachers use the worksheets at the Curriculum Corner ​as homework assignments. When a teacher places answers to these worksheets on the web, it opens up a door by which a student from another school can obtain answers to the worksheets. Thus, the posting of answers on other websites is not only an illegal infringment of The Physics Classroom to this body of work, it is also infringing upon the ability of other teachers to effectively use thse resources with their classes. Please do not post these worksheets on the web. We receive numerous complaints every year from teachers whose students have been able to sccess such answers.


The Solutions Guide

The Physics Classroom sells a Solutions Guide product. The product contains PDF documents and Microsoft Word documents of both the worksheets and the solutions to the worksheets. The product includes a license that grants purchasers of the product additional rights. None of these added rights permit the distribution of the materials on websites that are publicly accessibly by students from other schools. Information about the Solutions Guide and its separate licensing arrangement can be found elsewhere.