When you purchase a Task Tracker subscription, you are purchasing "seats".  Seats are then used to provide students in your classes the particular features available in Task Tracker. Our a la carte approach allows you to decide which features to use with your classes. We have five features to offer:

Each of these features require 1 seat. Seats cost $1.  However, there is discounted pricing for bundling multiple features for the same students (see Multiple Feature Discount below). Furthermore, we offer a 20% discount on the cost of a seat for a Group Plan with 150 or more seats.

You may purchase seats using one of three subscription types to select from.

  1. Individual Teacher Plans are designed for single teachers with a need for less than 120 seats. A seat costs $1. The minimum purchase is $50. (If you need 120 or more seats, you will receive a better deal if you purchase a Group Plan and leave the other teacher seats open.)
  2. Group Plans are multi-teacher subscriptions with 150 or more seats (great for schools or school districts). Seat costs are reduced to $0.80/seat. Each teacher will still have their individual classes, independent of the others. Students can be easily transferred between teachers and assignments made by one teacher can be cloned to another teacher's classes. And teachers can import tasks from other teachers in the Subscription.
  3. If you have a special need, you can contact us to discuss creating a Customized Plan for your needs.  These are likely rare, but we want to leave room for such situations. If we come to an agreement, we will create a custom plan and provide you with a special Custom Code which you can enter below to complete the order. (NOTE: Customized plans are not used for small classes with a few students. Our minimum payment is $50 regardless of the number of students. Customized plans are primarily used for unusual scheduling complications that fall outside the customary norms.)
View: Directions for Purchasing a Subscription


Task Tracker will have five features in the Fall of 2023: Concept Builders, Minds on Physics, the Calculator Pad, Physics Interactives (with Concept Checkers), and The Science Reasoning Center.

Subscription plans are based on the # of Seats (not the # of Students).  The number of Seats required per Student will vary depending on what features the class uses.  Keep this in mind when deciding on the number of seats in your plan!

Concept Builders Only: 1 Seat per 1 Student
Minds on Physics Only: 1 Seat per 1 Student
The Calculator Pad Only: 1 Seat per 1 Student
Physics Interactives with Concept Checkers Only: 1 Seat per 1 Student
The Science Reasoning Center: 1 Seat per 1 Student

Discounted Bundles:
The most cost-effective subscriptions are those that use one of our discounted bundles. We are offering three discounted options for the 2023-24 school year.

  1. Buy 2, Get 3 Free in 2023 (our best value): 2 Seats per 1 Student
    Purchase two seats for your students and we will provide you all five features. That's a steal! But don't feel guilty ... we're glad to give it to you. And it's has a nice ring to it ... Buy 2-Get 3 Free in '23.
  2. Concept Builders + The Calculator Pad: 1.5 Seats per 1 Student
    Combine a great conceptual tool with an awesome problem-solving platform.
  3. Minds On Physics + The Calculator Pad: 1.5 Seats per 1 Student
    Combine another great conceptual tool with an awesome problem-solving platform.


Example 1: If you have a course of 50 students and wish to have only one feature enabled, you will need 50 seats

Example 2: If you have a class of 50 students and wish to have both Concept Builders and Calculator Pad enabled (Bundle #2) you will need 75 seats for the 50 students in that class.

Example 3: If you have a class of 50 students and wish to have access to all five features (Bundle #1), then you will need 100 seats for the 50 students in that class. That's $100 for access to everything we have. You can't beat that!

Example 4: If you have a class of 50 students and wish to have both Concept Builders and Minds On Physics enabled, you will need 100 seats for the 50 students in that class. But don't do that! Instead do Example 3 which involves purchasing the same number of seats for the same cost but you will get access to what you want plus three more features. You can't beat that!

A Cost-Saving Tip: If you are getting close to spending $120 to purchase 120 seats, then think bigger! That's right. Talk yourself into buying more. When you purchase 150 seats, you get a 20% discount on seats. So that's $120 for 150 seats. We might suggest inviting a Chemistry-teaching friend to get in on the action in order use those extra seats you purchase.  Our Chemistry Concept Builders and CalcPad problem sets have been a real hit among Chemistry teachers. They will love you for the invitation. And they'll feel obliged to give you some liquid nitrogen when they ask for it; think of all the cool things you could do with liquid nitrogen. 

One More Thing: Purchasing a subscription involves purchasing a specified number of seats. You don't purchase Concept Builders or The Calculator Pad or all five features. You simply purchase a suitable number of seats to allow students to use such features. It's like buying a bunch of carnival tickets for your family without specifying what rides the tickets will be used on. Once the subscription is purchased and teachers are added to it, they will make classes and indicate which features will be used by their students. This will determine how many seats each student in that class will use up.

And in Case You're Wondering: If a subscription runs out of seats, you can purchase more. purchase additional seats in packets of 5 seats at the same seat cost that you originally purchased them for. For Group Plans, seats cost $0.80/seat, so you can upgrade a subscription at the rate of 5 seats for $4. Adding seats to a subscription is easy to do; we just don't accept purchase orders for Task Tracker purchases less then $50. And since unused seats cannot be recycled to the next school year, we recommend that you only purchase what you need.

Need more help? Try our interactive Seat Calculator.


For years The Physics Classroom has been able to offer a free website with low-cost premium services by displaying ads on the perimeter of its pages. If it weren't for ads, the website as a whole would not be free and the cost of a Task Tracker subscription would be considerably higher.  We hope to continue this practice.

In 2023-24, we will once again offer an ad-free option to both individuals and schools. An individual can purchase an ad-free account for $3/year. Purchasers of Task Tracker subscriptions can add the ad-free option to all their students for an additional $2/student. It is already discounted down from the $3 individual cost. There is no large-group discount on the ad-free option. When a student logs in to Task Tracker, ads will be removed from the perimeter of pages. 

Our Store is ready for ad-free purchases. 

We have had numerous requests from home-schooling parents and other parents to have a subscription made for a single student. Our hesitancy has always been that there would be a lot of work remaining for a parent to learn our system and assigned tasks for a single student. So we have re-configured our system to allow parents to more easily use it with their child  in order to easily provide a course of study. Once purchased, parents can add their child to the plan and select from a collection of course options - Conceptual Physics, College-Prep Physics, and Honors Physics. This plan is active for one full year. Assigned tasks are immediately visible. Student progess is easily view-able. If desired, the course can be edited by removing or adding assignments, changing due dates, modifying scoring rules, etc. A suggested study plan is provided if one is needed. While there is plenty of tutorial information available on the website, this plan does NOT provide any person-to-person tutoring. Students work independently to complete their assignments.

The Parent Plan is the perfect solution for a parent who would like to provide their child a solid course of study in Physics.


Parent Plan

For minimum 0 seats, up to 0 seats, max 1 teacher(s).

Individual Plan

For minimum 50 seats, up to 120 seats, max 1 teacher(s).


Group Plan

For at least 150 seats, unlimited number of teachers.


Customized Plan

Plans pre-approved by The Physics Classroom