Task Tracker Subscriptions

Beginning in September of 2021, we changed our subscripton system from a student-based system to a seat-based system. The change has been made to accomodate the addition of a second Task Tracker feature - the Minds On Physics Internet Modules. A Seat Calculator can be found on our Pricing Policy page

There are three subscription types to select from.

  1. Individual Teacher Plans are designed for single teachers with a need for less than 120 seats. Seats cost $1. The minimum purchase is $50. (If you need 120 or more seats, you will receive a better deal if you purchase a Group Plan.)
  2. Group Plans are multi-teacher subscriptions (great for schools or school districts). Seats cost $0.80. Each teacher will still have their individual classes, independent of the others. Students can be easily transferred between teachers and assignments made by one teacher can be cloned to another teacher's classes.
  3. If you have a special need, you can contact us to discuss creating a Customized Plan for your needs.  These are likely rare, but we want to leave room for such situations. If we come to an agreement, we will create a custom plan and provide you with a special Custom Code which you can enter below to complete the order.
View: Directions for Purchasing a Subscription


Multiple Feature Discount and Seat Explanation

Task Tracker now has two features: Concept Builders and Minds on Physics.

Subscription plans will be based on the # of Seats instead of the # of Students.  The number of Seats required per Student will vary depending on what features the class uses.  Keep this in mind when purchasing your plans!

Concept Builders Only: 1 Seat per 1 Student
Minds on Physics Only: 1 Seat per 1 Student
Concept Builders + Minds on Physics: 1.5 Seats per 1 Student

Example 1: If you have a course of 50 students and wish to have only one feature enabled, you will need 50 seats

Example 2: If you have a class of 50 students and wish to have both features enabled, you will need 75 seats for the 50 students in that class.

Note: We are still in processes of changing things over, so some of the user interfaces will still reference Students vs. Seats.  This is only temporary, we apologize for any confusion this may cause.


Individual Plan

For minimum 50 seats, up to 120 seats, max 1 teacher(s).

Group Plan

For at least 150 seats, unlimited number of teachers.

Customized Plan

Plans pre-approved by The Physics Classroom