Teacher Presentation Pack for Physics  - Contents, Topics, License

The following resources are included in the downloadable content that we make available as the Teacher Presentation Pack:

Slide Decks:
Our downloadable Teacher Presentation Pack contains nearly 190 Microsoft PowerPoint documents. A version of Microsoft PowerPoint is required in order to use the slide decks. The slide decks are ready to use as is; they are also fully customizable. The slide decks can also be uploaded to Google Drive and played in Google Slides.

NOTE: Google Slides does not allow .mp4 files embedded from external sources nor .GIF animations with greater than 1000 frames. For some of these slide decks (mainly those containing .mp4 files and animation files with more than 1000 frames), we have prepared a second version that is immediately compatible with Google Slides. It is still a PowerPoint document; but when uploaded to Google Drive and viewed with Google Slides, there will be little loss of functionality. Learn more about .mp4 and .GIF files in our Read Me First document.

Graphics and Images:
The package contains a load of graphics. The graphics can be found in the slide decks and in most cases, they are also saved as separate files. Nearly all saved graphics files are in .png file format. They are organized in a folder titled Images inside of the folder containing each PowerPoint. They are meaningfully named. They can be easily uploaded into other documents such to make quizzes, tests, instructional sheets, etc. Our goal was to provide a pack of content and this is part of the content. In many cases, the source of the image is available for editing in either PowerPoint or a Microsoft Word document. This allows teachers to edit and customize the graphics and re-purpose them for use in instructional sheets, quizzes, tests, and other documents.

NOTE: In some instances, we were not able to include the graphic for copyright reasons. Instead, we left the URL to the location of the graphic. Users can obtain the graphic at the URL and paste it into the PowerPoint.

Animations and Movies:
There are about 170 animations and videos available in .gif and/or .mp4 format. These are embedded int the PowerPoint slide decks but also available as stand-alone files. There is no source code for the animations. The .GIF animations display well in the PowerPoint slide decks. Most of the .GIF animations also display well when using the PowerPoints in Google Slides. The .mp4 files are also available as separate files. If desired and if space allows, they can be uploaded to Google Drive and embedded in the PowerPoint slide decks; this solves the issue associated with Google Slides not allowing .mp4 files embedded from external sources.

Lesson Notes:
Every slide deck is accompanied by Lesson Notes. The Lesson Notes are very graphical and coordinate with the slides in the Slide Deck. They are the same Lesson Notes that can be found in our Physics Video Tutorial section. We provide a PDF version and the source document - a Microsoft Word document - making them both ready-to-use and fully-customizable. Users are free to edit the document, re-purpose the parts, distribute it to students in their school, and upload it to a password-protected course management page.


End User License Agreement

You are free to use the content with your students and other students in the school. You can share files with your students and other students in the school provided that the medium used to share files is password-protected and viewable only by students at your school (and their parents). As this is a for-sale product, you cannot make the files available through publicly accessible platforms that allow for use, downloading, and acquisition by others. Please password protect the contents of this package.

You are also free to edit the content of this downloaded package and to re-purpose images, animations, movies, MS Word documents to create derivative works. Those derivative works can be used and shared with your students and other students at your school provided that the medium used to share is password-protected and viewable only by students at your school (and their parents).

You are prohibited from selling the contents of this download package or any derivatives made from the contents of the package. And you are prohibited from including or using the contents or any derivatives in commercial products that are owned or managed by others.

The terms of this license apply to the students and teachers at your school with whom you share the files and derivative works.



Our slide decks provide coverage of 14 broad topic areas. There is no need to be surprised by what is and is not included in this downloadable resource pack. Details of topics and subtopics addressed in the Teacher Presentation Pack can be viewed by clicking the following links. The links will open a PDF in a separate browser tab. We also identify the names and duration (time) of the animations and movie files in the PDF.


Newton's Laws

Vectors and Projectiles

Forces in Two Dimensions

Momentum and Collisions

Work and Energy

Circular and Satellite Motion 


Electric Circuits

Vibrations and Waves

Sound Waves and Music

Light Waves and Color

Reflection and Mirrors

Refraction and Lenses