What is a Concept Checker? A Concept Checker is an interactive questioning tool designed to allow students to check their understanding of a concept that we hope has emerged from an online activity such as a Physics simulation. But that's just our way of describing it. Why don't you check them out yourself and see what you think of them?


Concept Checkers for the Physics Interactives

We currently have Concept Checkers for the following topics:

Note: An * indicates that Task Tracker code is built directly into the Physics Interactive and a Concept Checker is not needed.



Vector Walk *

Name That Motion *

Kinematic Graphing 1 (The Basic 6) 

Kinematic Graphing 2 (Two Stage Motion) 

Pace Trace 1 (Position-Time Graphs) *

Pace Trace 2 (Velocity-Time Graphs) *

Graph That Motion *

Two Stage Rocket Simulator *


Newton's Laws of Motion


Vectors and Projectiles


Forces in Two Dimensions



Momentum and Collisions


Work and Energy



Circular Motion and Gravitation



Rotation and Balance


Static Electricity


Electric Circuits



Waves and Sound



Light and Color



Reflection and Mirrors



Refraction and Lenses