Coming This Fall, 2024

We have begun the creation of a collection of lesson plans and pacing guides that demonstrate how the resources at The Physics Classroom website can be integrated into lesson and unit plans for a variety of course types. We hope to provide teachers with a starting point for how to use the website and incorporate its resources into the daily life of their classes. Additionally, for those teachers who use Task Tracker, we are creating a collection of pre-built Task Tracker courses that can be used for their classes. When a teacher begins the school year, they can clone the pre-built class with its collection of ready-to-use assignments. Each pre-built class will be fully customizable. Pre-built classes should start appearing in Task Tracker beginning in June, 2024.

This project started the last week in April (2024). Progress will occur on a near-daily basis. We will update this section quite regularly. So check back often to see what's new. As we like to say around here: watching this section being built will be like watching a skyscraper rising up from the ground ... only a lot faster and with the same amount of Physics.


Lesson Plans and Pacing Guides

Tap on the links to view Lesson plans and pacing guides for the following course types. (This project started in late April, 2024. It will take some time to fill in content for all the classes. We hope to be done before August 1, 2024.)

Conceptual Physics (check back later)

Course description coming soon. We're just getting started. We expect content to begin arriving in July, 2024.


Algebra-Based Physics

This course consists of 14 units that target topics in Mechanics, Static and Current Electricity, Wave Mechanics, and Ray Optics. There is a wide collection of Task Tracker assignments, including Simulations with Concept Checkers, Concept Builders, Minds On Physics missions, customized CalcPad problem sets, and Science Reasoning activities.

Honors Physics (next up)

Course description coming soon. We're just getting started. Check back in June, 2024.


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