NGSS Corner Infographics

Most of the activities that we have identified are accompanied by an infographic that descrbes how each of the activities align with the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards. While our primary intention in creating the infographics was to "spread the word" on our social media channels (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+), we couldn't resist the temptation to also include the infographics on our website. Enjoy our infographics and feel free to share them with colleagues and to post them on any of your own social sites.
Kinematics: Kinematics (Coming Soon)

Kinematics: Velocity-Time Graphs (Coming Soon)

Kinematics: Stopping Distance (Coming Soon)

Newton's Laws: Rocket Sledder Activity

Newton's Laws: Friction (Coming Soon)

Newton's  Laws: Push It! Activity

Newton's  Laws: Skydiving Activity

Newton's Laws: Coffee Filter Physics (Coming Soon)

Newton's Laws: Carts, Bricks, and Bands (Coming Soon)

Vectors and Projectiles: Up and Down (Coming Soon)

Vectors and Projectiles: Maximizing the Range of a Projectile (Coming Soon)

Vectors and Projectiles: Juggling (Coming Soon)

Momentum: Egg Drop Activity

Momentum: Marshmallow Launcher (Coming Soon)

Momentum: Air Bag Inflation and Passenger Safety

Momentum: Elastic Collisions Activity

Momentum: Inelastic Collisions Activity

Momentum: Collisions (Coming Soon)

Work and Energy: It's All Uphill

Work and Energy: Chart That Motion (Coming Soon)

Work and Energy: Hot Wheels Stopping Distance (Coming Soon)

Work and Energy: Energy on an Inclined Plane (Coming Soon)

Work and Energy: Bat-Ball Collision (Coming Soon)

Work and Energy: Roller Coaster Energy (Coming Soon)

Circular and Satellite Motion: Gravitational Fields Activity​

Circular and Satellite Motion: Orbital Motion Activity

Static Electricity: Name That Charge (Coming Soon)

Static Electricity: Charge Interactions (Coming Soon)

Static Electricity: Sticky Tape Experiments (Coming Soon)

Static Electricity: Polarization (Coming Soon)

Static Electricity: Coulomb's Law (Coming Soon)

Static Electricity: Electric Field Lines (Coming Soon)

Electric Circuits: Voltage and Resistance (Coming Soon)

Electric Circuits: Series and Parallel Circuits (Coming Soon)

Waves: Simple Wave Simulator (Coming Soon)

Waves: Standing Wave Maker (Coming Soon)