The Continuity Equation

We know you've been searching for adjustable area pipes with flow-meters to study the Continuity Equation. Call off the search and save your dollars. We have what you've been looking for. Now you can quickly and easily study the effect of the cross-sectional area of a piple upon the speed at which fluid flows through the pipe. Tap the link and explore!


Bernoulli's Equation Simulation

How does a change in height and cross-sectional area of a pipe affect the fluid pressure and the fluid velocity? It's never been easier to find out than with our Bernoulli's Equation simulation. We'll provide the pipes, the fluid(s), the meters, and the numbers. You provide the spirit of exploration. Tap that link and let the exploring begin!


Venturi Equation Simulation

What happens if a horizontal tube is equipped with a constricted section such that the diameter and cross-sectional area decreases? How does this constriction affect the flow rate and the flow velocity? Does the fluid speed up, slow down, or maintain its speed? And how does this constriction in the diameter of the pipe affect the fluid pressures? And what's the mathematics associated with this effect? That's enough questions! It's time for answers. Tap the link and begin.