Physics Video Tutorial

Welcome to our Physics Video Tutorials!  Each Video Tutorial presents details about a complex topic in an organized fashion. They are a video version of our written Physics Classroom Tutorial. The videos contain much of the same information but in most cases goes a bit further than the written Tutorial and include animations not found in our written Tutorial. 

The Video Tutorial section of our website is one of our "current projects". We suspect our devotion to this project will continue through the 2022-23 school year as we improve the Tutorial value of our website. We will constantly be adding content to this section and refining the content in response to user feedback and observations of how students interact with it. If you don't find what you need on the first look, please keep coming back since additional content will be regulary added. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and receive notifications of our regular updates. And if you find a video that is useful, please pay us back with a like.

Video Tutorials are organized by topic. All the eventual topics are listed below. ​Those that include videos will have a link to that topic page. Some topics do not include links because ... it's the Construction Zone and we are still building it. But you'll find there's quite a bit here already. As time progresses, each listed topic will have videos and a link. Click a topic below to view Video Tutorials for that topic.



1-D Kinematics (16 Videos)

Newton's Laws (20 Videos)

Vectors and Projectiles (15 Videos)

Forces in Two Dimensions (5 Videos)

Momentum, Explosions, and Collisions (11 Videos)

Work, Energy, and Power (12 Videos)

Circular and Satellite Motion  (13 Videos)

Static Electricity (15 Videos)

Electric Circuits (16 Videos)

Vibrations and Waves (16 videos)

Sound Waves and Music

Light and Color (5 Videos)

Reflection and Mirrors (15 Videos)

Refraction and Lenses (19 Videos coming in Spring, 2023)




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