Minds On Physics Teacher App - Manual

Adding Additional Students to an Existing Roster

After you create your roster, it is easy to add more students to it. If you have a group of students to add, then begin by selecting the class from the Classes page. Then click on the Edit Roster button. The roster for the selected class will be displayed. To add more students, click on the Add Many Students button. Just as when you created your roster, you will be taken to a screen that displays directions on the left side of the screen and a scrolling field for holding the names of the added students. Student information can either be typed directly into the field or copy and pasted from a word processing or spreadsheet program. Be sure to follow the same rules as before for roster entry. One you are satisfied with the additions, click on the Add to Roster button. The additions will be checked to insure that they meet the requirements. Once checked (and corrected, if necessary), the new names will be added to the bottom of the original roster.


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