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Beginning in Fall 2021

We no longer offer Minds on Physics the App in the stores. Beginning in the Fall of 2021, our Minds on Physics program will be available in the browser. No more apps. No more app stores. No Shockwave. Just pure, functional HTML5 connected to our Task Tracker system to keep track of student progress.

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Minds on Physics for Teachers

While the origin of Minds On Physics dates back to early 1999, the program has been publicly available for use by teachers at The Physics Classroom since 2011. In that time, thousands of teachers have used the program and many have provided glowing reports of its noticeably positive impact upon student learning. It's these reports that motivate us to continue to make the program available for student use despite the ongoing difficulties with our original Shockwave-based plan.  

The final step in our conversion from a Shockwave-based MOPs to an app-based MOPs is the creation of a teacher app. The teacher app must be fully compatible with its Shockwave counterpart and with the student versions of the program - both the Legacy version operating on our website and the app-based version available from the various stores. As of this writing (October, 2018), our Teacher App has been completed and is working on both Macintosh and Windows computers. We are distributing the Mac app to all Mac users. We are working on getting the Window app certified by a security agency and developing an installer that installs the app seamlessly.  The links below lead to information regarding the Minds On Physics Teacher app.

(NOTE: we are still working on this section of the site and not all the pages have been completed. We expect the website revisions to be completed by the end of November, 2018. This should not impact any student's or teacher's ability to do Minds On Physics.)

Information About Teacher Use of the Program

Acquring a Minds On Physics Teacher Account 

About the Minds On Physics Teacher App

Manual for the Minds On Physics Teacher App

Formatting Guidelines for Submitting Success Codes

Questions and Answers about Success Codes

Microsoft Word Templates for Submitting Success Codes (in progress)

Google Doc Templates for Submitting Success Codes (in progress)


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