About the Minds On Physics Teacher App

For years, teacher enthusiasts of the Minds On Physics (MOP) program at The Physics Classroom have used an online module that allowed them to view MOP questions and their organization, to customize missions, and to check the validity of encrypted success codes that students submitted when doing MOP assignments.  The online module was Shockwave based. That is, it was reliant on the Adobe Shockwave internet plug-in in order to work. As more and more browsers ceased to support plug-in technology, the ability of teachers to use the Minds On Physics program became limited. The Minds On Physics Teacher App represents The Physics Classroom's effort to assist teachers in using the Minds On Physics program. Any teacher with a paid and registered Teacher Account is provided permission to use the App as part of their paid account. The App version of a Teacher Account does what the Shockwave version does ... and a bit more ... and a bit diffierently ... and considerably better.

Teachers who purchase Teacher Accounts are provided access to a Shockwave-based web page that gives them three capabilitieis:

  • The ability to preview questions and the arrangements of questions into Questoin Groups for all Minds On Physics missions.

  • The ability to customize a specific mission by the removal of one or two Question Groups from the mission.

  • The ability to validate student-submitted success codes to ensure that the success codes are valid.

The Teacher App provides these same capabilities. As of this writing - October, 2018 - the Macintosh and Windows version of the Teacher App have been completed. We are distributing both versions of the app; they are available upon request to any teacher who has aquired a Teacher Account since 2015. Our Mac app is signed and certified and complies all Macintosh security standards. We are working on signing and certifying our Windows app and creating an installer that allows the app to be seamlessly installed on a Windows computer without any security warnings. If you have a current MOP Teacher Account, you are entitled to use of the Minds On Physics Teacher App. The app is not for sale at any of the App stores. It can only be obtained by contacting the MOP administrator via email. Once we have validated that fact that you are a teacher and have a current and paid-up Teacher Account, we will send you details about how to download the app. You will also receive a 24-character Validation Code via email. The downloaded Teacher App is a locked app. The only means of unlocking the app is through the one-time use of the 24-character Validation Code. The Validation Code is specific to the teacher's Teacher Code. Unlocking the App provides access to the App as a teacher with that Teacher Code. This prevents students from using the App. If a student somehow slips under the radar to acquire a teacher account and the App, then that student will only be able to use the account for their uniquely-assigned Teacher Code ... which would be different than their own teacher's. This would make their version of the Teacher App an essentially useless tool which is incapable of serving their devious purposes.


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