Minds On Physics Teacher App - Manual

Adding a Roster to a Class

Once a class is created by naming it, you can add a Roster to the class and manage the order of the names on the roster and edit or add to the name list. To add a Roster, begin by selecting the name of the class. Once selected, and an Add Roster button appears. Click on the button. Read the next screen and click on the Let’s Get Started button. A screen appears with some directions on the left and a scrolling roster field on the right. As per the directions, you can either type ID and name information into the field with one student per line. The order should be ID number (4-6 numbers with no spaces or punctuation) followed by the first name and the last. All three items are separated by commas (Example: 12345, Anna, Litical). While manual entry into the Roster field is possible, we recommend preparing the list of student IDs and names in a word processing document or a spreadsheet document. Then copy and paste the names into the field. Once the names are in the field, they can be edited in the usual way that you would edit text. When satisfied with your roster listing, click on the Create Roster button displays below the Roster field. When you do, the Teacher App will check your roster to be sure that you followed all the rules for ID-name entry. If you made a mistake, then it will notify you of the mistake and the line the mistake is on and give you a chance to change it and try again. The rules of the roster are …
  • Include one student per line.
  • Every line has a student on it; no blank lines (this includes any blank line at the end of the roster of names).
  • Three pieces of information per line: ID number, first name, last name
  • ID, first name, and last name are separated by commas
  • The ID number includes numerical digits only; 4-6 digits; spaces, punctuation and other characters are not allowed.


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