Concept Checker for the Circuit Builder Simulation (Voltage Drops)

Our Concept Checker for the Circuit Builder Simulation consists of 6 questions organized into 2 Question Groups. Each question involves the multi-part voltage analysis of a 3-bulb circuit. Students must correctly answer one question from each Question Group to earn the Trophy for this Concept Checker. 

Like all our Concept Checkers, it is designed to be used as a follow-up to an activity - the Circuit Builder Simulation. This simulation is a multi-faceted simulation that allows one to explore several aspects of electric circuits. This particular Concept Checker is focused on the concept of electric potential and voltage drop.

The Circuit Builder Simulation is accompanied by a classroom-ready exercise.  We recommend the use of the exercise with the simulation, followed by the use of this Concept Checker.

The Concept Checker targets student understanding of the following learning outcomes:
  • The student should be able to calculate the voltage drop across a resistor from knowledge of the current and the resistance values.
  • The student be able to use the meaning of voltage drop to determine the electric potential in the wire leading into and out of a resistor of a series circuit.

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