Concept Checker for Collision Carts Simulation (Elastic Model)

Our Concept Checker for the Collision Carts simulation consists of 12 questions organized into 2 Question Groups. Students must correctly answer one question from each Question Group to earn the Trophy for this Concept Checker. One of the questions is a multi-blank question with 8 blanks (like the activity). Students must complete a collision analysis when given mass and velocity values for the two objects in the collision.

Like all our Concept Checkers, it is designed to be used as a follow-up to the use of the Collision Carts simulation.

The Concept Checker targets student understanding of the following learning outcomes:
  • The student should be able to analyze mass and velocity information from an elastic collision in order to identify if momentum is conserved.
  • The student be able to identify what momentum conservation means in terms of system momentum and momentum change.

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