Minds On Physics Teacher App

Installing the App

Our Teacher App is available by request only. Those teachers who have a current Teacher Account are eligible to receive the app. We do not provide the app to home schoolers, students, or teachers who do not have verified accounts. If we cannot verify that an individual is a teacher at an accredited school, we will not send them a download link or an unlock code. We have a Macintosh and a Windows version of the Teacher App. We will not be producing phone versions of the Teacher App. Once the Teacher App is downloaded, the first two tasks will involve installing the app and unlocking it for use with the teacher's Teacher Code.

Installing the Macintosh App

The Macintosh app is a bundled and signed app. A signed app includes a security certificate that indicates to the Apple operating system that its creator is a credible business that has a reputation of producing secure apps. It also indicates to the operating system that the app that was downloaded has not been modified since it was signed. While unsigned apps can be installed and opened by an operating system, an attempt to open them will result in security warnings. Since our Macintosh app is signed, there should be no unusual security warnings.

Once downloaded, the app can be manually dragged to the Applications folder on your computer's hard drive. Once done, it can be opened by simply clicking on its icon or name.


Installing the Windows App

As of this writing (mid-October, 2018), the WIndows version of our Teacher App is still "NEW." It works! But is also still a work in progress. While fully functional, we have two final tasks left to complete - we must sign it with a certicate and we must create an installer package for it. We hope to have these two tasks completed by early to mid-November. So for now, acquisition of the Windows Teacher App will be an unsigned version. If it makes you feel any better, we applied and received our security signing certificate. These certificates are provided by recognized security companies (ours was Comodo) that research the recipient in order to determine that they are a bona fide busines that has the reputation of creating legitimate and secure softward products. We passed the test. We just haven't completed the process of signing the app and creating the installer program. The app will be no more secure once we do; it will just be recognized as secure by the Windows operating system because it includes a certificate. So for now, the installation process will results in some Windows security warnings. If you trust us, then you can go ahead and bypass the warnings and open the app.

Once the Teacher App is downloaded, you can unzip and extract the .zip file. Then drag the resulting folder to the location where you keep your applications. There is a .exe file inside the folder called MOP Teacher. Clicking on this file opens the Teacher App. 


Navigation for MOPs for Teachers:

Teacher Use || Teacher Accounts  || MOP Teacher App

Teacher App Manual || Submitting Success Codes || Success Code Q&As

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