Minds On Physics Teacher App - Manual

Checking Success Code Validity Electronically

Success Codes can also be validated using electronic means. This method of validation avoids the submission of Success Codes by students on paper. While the concept sounds appealing, you should know that it requires that students create a perfectly formatted text file. The text file is copied and pasted into the Teacher App and decrypted, leading to a summary of how many assigned missions were completed by the student. The process of electronic communication also demands that the teacher plan for collecting such text files. For instance, text files or even blocks of text can be emailed to a teacher that are then used for electronic validation.
There is some partly good news for those teachers who wish to rely upon electronic validation. The iOS and Mac apps excel at preparing such text blocks and emailing them to teachers. The apps allow a student user to store a teacher’s email. The apps also include an Email Codes button that sends the text document to the teacher’s email account. This feature does not work or does not work consistently in the Android and Chromebook apps. As of this writing (mid-October, 2018), we have begun creating some Google Sheets and Google Docs files that prepare these text documents. We have not completed the project but hope to be done by the end of November.
The Teacher App includes a link to some online documents that describe the Guidelines for Text Files. You can find the link in the Success Code Validation section of the Teacher App. The link takes you to this page.
If you decide to use the electronic method of validation, navigate to the Success Code Validation section until you see the two options described. 

Click on the Use Electronic Validation button. A screen showing a large scrolling field is displayed. The student-generated text file can be copied and pasted into the field. Once done, click on the Validate button. 

The block of text is encrypted and report is generated that describes the success of the process. 

If you wish to validate additional success codes for other students, then click on the Validate More Success Codes button. Then repeat the process. 


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