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The Physics Classroom has been devoted to helping students, teachers, and classrooms since the 1990s. We are as passionate about that mission now as we have ever been. If you are a teacher of Physics or Physical Science, we encourage you to use our Video Tutorial with your students. And we also encourage you to consider the use of other resources on our website that coordinate with the video. We have listed a few below to help you get started.


Curriculum Corner, Static Electricity Section

Our Curriculum Corner is composed of a collection of Think Sheets. Each one makes for a great component of any Lesson Plan. They work great for both independent practice exercises and cooperative group exercises. The following Think Sheet makes a great complement to this video:


Charge and Charging Concept Builder

A Concept Builder can be one of the best tools to deepen a student's conceptual understanding. And when combined with a Task Tracker subscription, you can track students' progress on the various parts of the activity. This Concept Builder allows students to explore the manner in which objects become electrostatically charged in terms of protons and electrons.

Minds On Physics the App, Part 4, Mission SE1 in the Static Electricity Module

Minds On Physics is not for the meek-hearted. This challenging tool will give a student a rigorous workout in careful reading, analytical thinking, and conceptual reasoning. For Honors Physics, IB Physics, and AP Physics 1, MOPs can be an awesome promoter of in-depth learning. Mission SE1 is an perfect complement to this video.

Physics Interactives, Static Electricity Chapter, Charging Simulation

You can learn a lot by playing. And with this simulation, you can see those + and - charges as you play with charged balloons and conductors. Give your students an opportunity to manipulate variables and experiment with charge.

Physics Classroom Tutorial, Static Elecricity Chapter

It reads like a book ... but much better. Our Tutorial section has long been the most trafficked section of our website. And for good reason - it's understandable. We recommend leaving links to specific pages on your Course page. The following two pages will be helpful complements to this video:

Structure of the Atom

Neutral and Charged Objects


Teacher Toolkit: Charge, Charge Interactions, and Charging Methods

Teacher Toolkits provide teachers with a collection of resources that are ideal for planning standards-based, multimedia lessons and units. We've combed the web and selected some of the best, most professional simulations, videos, and other tools that complement the resources present at The Physics Classroom.