Minds On Physics the App - Part 4

The app version of the Minds On Physics program is currently available as six different apps with each app covering a different set of topics. All apps have now been released. We are currently in the process of releasing updated versions with a friendlier interface, bug fixes, and improved graphics. Version information for the various apps can be found on our Timelines page. The Android version of the apps (for Android smart phones and Android tablets) are published at the Google Play Store. The Chrome OS version of the apps (for Chromebooks) are published at the Chrome Web Store. The iOS version of the apps (for iPhones and iPads) are published at the Apple iTunes Store. And the Mac version of the apps (for Apple Macintosh computers) are published at the Mac App Store. Links to the pages at the stores where the apps can be found are located on the Purchase page.  The topics covered in Part 4 of the six-part series are listed below. 

Static Electricity
Mission Topic
SE1 Charges and Atoms
SE2 Interactions Between Charged Objects
SE3 Charging by Friction
SE4 Charging by Contact and the Grounding Process
SE5 Charging by Induction - Pop Can Induction
SE6 Charging by Induction - A Single Sphere
SE7 Charging by Induction - Electrophorus Plate
SE8 Coulomb's Law Equation as a Guide to Thinking
SE9 Coulomb's Law Calculations
SE10 Electric Field
SE11 Electric Field Equation
SE12 Electric Field Lines

Electric Circuits
Mission Topic
EC1 Current
EC2 Voltage
EC3 Voltage, Power and Energy
EC4 Resistance, Voltage and Current
EC5 Voltage, Resistance and Current Calculations
EC6 P, V, I, R, and Cost Calculations
EC7 Series Circuits Concepts
EC8 Parallel Circuits Concepts
EC9 Series Circuits Calculations
EC10 Parallel Circuits Calculations
EC11 Combination Circuits Calculations
EC12 Series and Parallel Circuits Calculations