Additional Learning Tools and Resources

Watching a presentation is a passive activity. Getting information is important ... but its not the destination or end point. Now that you've watched the video, its time to do something with the information you've heard. It's time to act on it. The resources below provide an opportunity to do this. We encourage learners to solidify their learning through the use of one or more of the following resources.

Minds On Physics, Electric Circuits Module, Mission EC8

This MOP mission is a perfect follow-up to the video. It touches on just about every key relationship identified in the video. And like any MOP mission, it makes certain you got it before rewarding you your trophy.

 Concept Builders, Parallel Circuits - ∆V=I•R Calculations

This Concept Builder has three difficulty levels. Start with the easiest and keep building on top of what you know. You will surely put to use the relationships you have learned in the video.

Physics Interactives, Electric Circuits section, DC Circuit Builder

This interactive simulation from our Physics Interactives section allows you to drag light bulbs, ammeters, voltmeters and batteries to the work area, arrange them as you like, modify parameters such as resistance and battery voltage, and observe the effects. It's almost better than watching the video.


Physics Classroom Tutorial, Electric Circuits Chapter

The written tutorial on our website forms of the basis of our video tutorials. They are still a good reference, especially if you want quick access to information for review purposes. The page below matches the content of our video tutorial.

Parallel Circuits