Chemistry: Solution Equilibria

Solution Equilibria: Problem Set Overview

We are planning to make 13 ready-to-use problem sets on the topic of solution equilibria. These problem sets will focus on the analysis of situations in which partially soluble salts, weak acids, and weak bases are dissolved in water. The use of an ICE table and dissociation equation to solve Ksp, Ka, and Kb problems will be emphasized.
Problems will range in difficulty; most will require moderate to sophisticated algbraic manipulations. 


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Our work crews are working hard on preparing some pretty awesome problems sets on the topic of Solution Equilibria. 

They broke ground in early November and plan to be working at this construction site until near the end of of November.  They work a little bit every day, writing, coding, and testing problems for this new CalcPad section of our website.

When they're done, this will be like brand new. But until then, please pardon our pixel dust.

And in the meantime, enjoy watching the construction. Things will change nearly everyday. So don't expect the Solution Equilibria of the CalcPad to look the same tomorrow as it does today. For up-to-date construction progress reports, be sure to make periodic visits to our What's New? page.

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