Teacher Resources

The Physics Classroom has been devoted to helping students, teachers, and classrooms since the 1990s. We are as passionate about that mission now as we have ever been. If you are a teacher of Physics or Physical Science, we encourage you to use our Video Tutorial with your students. And we also encourage you to consider the use of other resources on our website that coordinate with the video. We have listed a few below to help you get started.


Teacher Toolkits: Free Fall

Looking for standards-based, multimedia-driven resources on the topic of free fall? Try a Teacher Toolkit. We assigned the best Physics librarian the task of finding the best resources for various topics and the result is the Teacher Toolkits section. Try one today and maybe start with the one on free fall.

Curriculum Corner: 1D Kinematics

The Think Sheets at our Curriculum Corner have so many different uses. But we think the best use is the in-the-classroom use as a follow up to instruction like the instruction in this video. Among the many topics in the Kinematics section, you will find one titled Free Fall. Just what you need as a follow-up to our Video Tutorial.


The Calculator Pad: 1D Kinematics, Chapter, Q#25-28

When it comes to problem-solving at The Physics Classroom, the go-to resource is The Calculator Pad. You will find a collection of problems of varying difficulty with answers and audio-guided solutions.


Concept Builder: Free Fall

Both teachers and students love Concept Builders! They're great ways to build conceptual understanding and to reinforce skills. We have two on the topic of free fall. This particular one focuses on falling motion (as opposed to an up-and-down motion).

Concept Builder: Up and Down

This is our second Concept Builder on the topic of free fall motion. This one focuses on up-and-down motion. 

The Physics Classroom Tutorial: 1D Kinematics, Lesson 5

If your students need a reliable and readable reference to physics topics, try our Tutorial. It has a long-standing reputation as a bebeficial source of information. Many teachers link to it from their course page.

The Physics Classroom Tutorial: 1D Kinematics, Lesson 6

Our Tutorial provides a detailed discussion of physics concepts. Lesson 6 of the Kinematics chapter includes 5 pages. One of those pages deals exclusively with the use of kinematic equations to solve free fall problems.