Additional Learning Tools and Resources

Watching a presentation is a passive activity. Getting information is important ... but its not the destination or end point. Now that you've watched the video, its time to do something with the information you've heard. It's time to act on it. The resources below provide an opportunity to do this. We encourage learners to solidify their learning through the use of one or more of the following resources.

Concept Builders: Solve It! (with Vectors and Fnet = m•a)

Students love Concept Builders and this one is a perfect follow up to the video. There are three levels of difficulty, each having two nearly identical problems. And tap the Help Me! button to get some help specific to the problem. Test your understanding with our Solve It! Concept Builder.

Minds On Physics, Mission 2DF2, Fnet = m•a and Forces at Angles

Minds on Physics can provide a student a rigorous work-out on any topic. Give your brain some exercise and your conceptual understanind a test with a MOP mission. Each question comes with a thorough commentary of the Physics associated with that question. Give Mission 2DF2 a try as a perfect follow-up to this video.

Tutorial Section, Motion and Vectors in Two Dimensions, Lesson 3

The go-to place at The Physics Classroom for a topic-specific and understandable discussion is the Tutorial section. The following page is a perfect complement to othis video:

Net Force Problems Revisied