Additional Learning Tools and Resources

Watching a presentation is a passive activity. Getting information is important ... but its not the destination or end point. Now that you've watched the video, its time to do something with the information you've heard. It's time to act on it. The resources below provide an opportunity to do this. We encourage learners to solidify their learning through the use of one or more of the following resources.

Minds On Physics, Electric Circuit Module, Mission EC11, Combination Circuits Calculations

This MOP mission includes problems identical to Example Problem 1 in the video. It's great practice.

Physics Interactives, Equivalent Resistance

If you're having troubles with equivalent resistance, then this interactive is an awesome tool to incrementally step you through from easy to difficult.

Physics Interactives, DC Circuit Builder

There's no better way to learn than to play. And this interactive simulation allows you to do both - learn and play. Drag light bulbs into the work space and wire them up however you want. Add some ammeters and voltmeters for making measurements and explore the relationships discussed in the video.

Physics Classroom Tutorial, Electric Circuits Chapter, Combination Circuits

This page from our written Tutorial allows you to quickly brush up on the concepts addressed in the video.