Copyright and Contact Information

Copyright Information

The Minds On Physics Internet Modules are copyright protected. While they are free to use as an online resource, permission to download the files and use them elsewhere is never permitted. The files must be used via a live internet connection. The files cannot be used offline and they cannot be served by servers other than our own. All requests contrary to this policy will be ignored.



The Minds On Physics Internet Modules ("MOP") were originally created by physics teachers at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, IL.  While no longer hosted at the Glenbrook South Physics website, they are still managed and coordinated by a Glenbrook South physics teacher. Teachers at Glenbrook South have a typical load of students and a typical list of teaching duties. These duties keep us overwhelmed with work and simply add to our other everyday tasks such as family responsibilities and child-rearing. While we wish that our time was unlimited such that we could respond to every email request, the fact of the matter is that it simply is not feasible. Keeping up with our own students requests for help and email messages is overwhelming in itself. And as such, there is no possibility that we can respond to pleas for help from physics students from other schools. This includes inquisitive questions, directions for a research project and the completion of homework problems. Regrettably, all such requests will be ignored.
Teachers from other schools often are curious about the web-based approach exemplified by the Minds On Physics Internet Modules. They often have comments, questions and requests for assistance and guidance. Whenever possible, an attempt is made to respond to such emails. Sometimes, time availability prohibits a quick response.
Finally, there are teachers who have explored the Minds On Physics Internet Modules and are using it with their classes. These teachers have become the local experts who help their students with questions regarding the use of MOP. Still, there are problems that cannot be solved or questions that cannot be answered. In such cases, those teachers should contact the MOP coordinator in order to get a solution or an answer to a problem or question.


Email Contact

If you are a teacher and have read the above information, feel free to contact Tom Henderson at: [email protected]