Sound and Music - Mission SM5 Detailed Help

A harmonic is ____.

Natural Frequencies and Harmonics:
Every object has a natural frequency or a set of natural frequencies at which it tends to vibrate at. When struck, plucked, strummed or somehow disturbed, the object will vibrate at one of the natural frequencies in its set of natural frequencies. These individual frequency values are often referred to as the harmonic frequencies of the string or air column. The lowest harmonic frequency is referred to as the fundamental frequency. The other frequency values in the set of natural frequencies are whole number multiples of the fundamental frequency value.

There is a lot of language used in discussing the topic of resonance and music. Consider the following: forced vibration, resonance, natural frequency, fundamental frequency, harmonic, harmonic frequency, standing wave pattern, etc. Many beginning students of Physics fail to become adequately acquainted with the language and in turn their conceptual understanding suffers. But don't be fooled by the language! The Know the Law section provides a good refresher of many of the important terms.