Sound and Music - Mission SM2 Detailed Help

Doubling the frequency of a sound wave within a uniform (unchanging) medium will _____. List all that apply ... .

Factors Affecting Wave Speed:
The speed of a wave is dependent upon the properties of the medium through which the wave is moving. An alteration in the properties of the medium will result in a change in the speed at which the wave moves through that medium.

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The speed (v) of a wave can be calculated from knowledge of the wavelength (λ) and the frequency (f) of the wave. The formula is:
v = f • λ

As discussed in the Know the Law section, the speed at which sound waves travel through a medium is dependent upon the properties of that medium. If the medium is not changed (described as being uniform), then the wave speed is not changed. Yet doubling the frequency must alter something. The connection between speed, wavelength and frequency is stated in the Formula Frenzy section. The left side of the equation (v) is the constant quantity. Thus, the product of frequency and wavelength must remain constant. A doubling of the frequency must be accompanied by a halving of the wavelength in order for their product to remain constant.