Sound and Music - Mission SM2 Detailed Help

Some sound waves have short wavelengths and others have long wavelengths. Suppose a comparison is made of two sound waves of varying wavelengths traveling through the same medium. The long wave can be certain to also have a relatively ____. List all that apply ... .


Factors Affecting Wave Speed:
The speed of a wave is dependent upon the properties of the medium through which the wave is moving. An alteration in the properties of the medium will result in a change in the speed at which the wave moves through that medium.

The speed (v) of a wave can be calculated from knowledge of the wavelength (λ) and the frequency (f) of the wave. The formula is:  
v = f • W
The frequency (f) of a wave and the period (T) of a wave are mathematically related by the following formula:
 f = 1 / T

In comparing a long wave and a short wave, a long wave is a wave of greater wavelength. If both travel through the same medium, then each would travel at the same speed (v). See Know the Law section. The wavelength, frequency and speed are related by the wave equation (see Formula Frenzy section). For the same speed, a long wave would have a lower frequency. And a lower frequency would be associated with a greater period.