Sound and Music - Mission SM2 Detailed Help

High-pitched sounds are characterized by sound waves that have a _____. List all that apply ... .

Definition of Pitch:
Pitch is the sensation of an observer to a sound's frequency level. A high frequency sound wave is perceived to be a high pitch sound. A low frequency sound wave is perceived to be a low pitch sound.

The speed (v) of a wave can be calculated from knowledge of the wavelength (λ) and the frequency (f) of the wave. The formula is
 v = f • λ.
The frequency (f) of a wave and the period (T) of a wave are mathematically related by the following formula:
 f = 1 / T

As stated in the Dictionary section, pitch is directly related to the frequency of a sound. But pitch might be related to other wave properties as well. After all, the frequency of a wave is inversely related to the wavelength of a wave and inversely related to the period of a wave. (See Formula Frenzy section.) So relatively high frequency sounds are also relatively low wavelength sounds and relatively low period sounds.