Light and Color - Mission LC1 Detailed Help

Consider the electromagnetic spectrum. Of the following listed regions of the spectrum, which consists of waves with the LONGEST wavelength? (or shortest wavelength?)

Electromagnetic Spectrum:
Electromagnetic waves exist in a wide range of frequencies. The range of frequencies is referred to as the electromagnetic spectrum. The spectrum of electromagnetic waves is subdivided into regions - each with its own name. Many of the regions of the electromagnetic spectrum have familiar names such as microwave, X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, radio, and gamma radiation. The different regions are typically arranged in order of increasing frequency (or in order of increasing wavelength).

If you are not familiar with the electromagnetic spectrum and the arrangement of regions in order of their frequency and wavelength, then click the link in the Hot Link section. A graphical display of the spectrum will appear. The answer to this question will be quickly found.