Kinematic Concepts - Mission KCAAA Detailed Help

For any given motion, the velocity is ____.

Definition of Velocity:
The velocity of a moving object is the rate at which the object changes its position.

Velocity is a vector quantity that is always conscious of the direction of motion and any changes in that direction. Suppose that a person walks 12 m, east and then 4 m, west in a time of 10 seconds. The displacement (change in position) of the object is 8 m, east and the average velocity is 0.8 m/s, East. Displacement and velocity must account for the fact that the 4 m segment was in the opposite direction as the 12 m segment. By changing direction and heading back toward the original position, the 4-m segment took away from the overall change in position. A measurement of velocity is always affected by directional changes.