Kinematic Concepts - Mission KC6 Detailed Help

A car's velocity after each consecutive second of motion is 2 m/s, 4 m/s, 6 m/s, 8 m/s. This is evidence that the car is ____.

Definition of Acceleration:
The acceleration of an object is the rate at which the object changes its velocity.


This is an example of a question that demands the use of your noodle (that's your brain) - specifically, your common sense and your mathematical sense. The velocity of a car at 1-second intervals of time is stated. Clearly, the velocity values are changing. According to the definition in the Define Help section, this car must be accelerating. A more careful investigation shows that the velocity is not only changing but changing by the same amount each second. If accelerating objects are changing their velocity, then objects with a constant rate of acceleration are changing their velocity by the same amount each second in time. That is what this object is doing.