Circular and Satellite Motion - Mission CG4 Detailed Help

A car is making a turn on a level roadway. The type of force which causes the car to make the turn is the ____.

Centripetal Force Requirement:
Circular motion requires an inward force. To travel along the curved path of a circle, there must be a force directed centripetally. Any object or thing could supply the force as long as it is directed toward the center of the circular path.

Think about this: When the steering wheel of a car is turned, the wheels of the car turn and the car's direction changes as it makes a turn. This almost always happens. But those of us who live in cold winter climates know that it doesn't always happen when there is ice, snow or slush on the road surface. Under such conditions, the steering wheel is turned and the tires are turned and the car continues in a straight line. So what force is present on the wheels of the car under dry conditions that is not present under icy conditions?

Often times, success in physics demands that you have the proper approach - a good game plan. When determining which type of forces supplies the centripetal force requirement, proceed through the list of forces and ask: Is this force present on the object? If yes, ask: In which direction does this force act? Answering these question demands that you understand each type of force. If necessary, use the Hot Link to navigate to a web page that describes each force on the list of force types.