Version 2 of The Calculator Pad

What is Version 2?
Version 2 of The Calculator Pad will be ready in August of 2022. Version 2 will include more than three times as many problems as Version 1. And unlike Version 1, numerical values in the Version 2 problems will be randomly-generated and an asnwer field will be provided so that students can have their answer evaluated. Feedback to answers will be immediate. Multiple opportunities to correct the answer will be provided. Most problems will be accompanied by one or more help resources - an audio-guided solution, a web page, or a YouTube video - allowing students an opportunity to learn more about how to approach such a problem. Problems in Version 2 will be organized into relatively short problems sets consisting of 4 to 10 problems. Scores on those problem sets will be posted at the top of the page. Whether a problem is correct or incorrect will be clearly indicated. Answer values submitted on previous attempts will be asccessible.

Is Version 2 Free?
Yes! While Teacher and School subscriptions can be purchased that provide premium options, we are keeping Ver


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