Modifying a Pre-Made Problem Set

The Calculator Pad was built to be a turnkey solution that provides busy teachers many ready-to-use problem sets on numerous topics. But at the same time, CalcPad was built to be versatile enough to allow teachers to modify those problem sets with ease. Modifications include removing unwanted problems, adding problems from other problem sets, re-ordering problems, customizing the scoring and the number of attempts on selected problems, adding or changing or removing the help functions associated with problems, editing the problems, adding or subtracting parts from problems, and even writing one’s own problems for inclusion on the problem sets. The directions below address many of these modifications. The task of Modifying a Problem and Writing Your Own Problem are addressed on other pages. The directions below pertain to how to modify one of our ready-to-use problems sets. The same directions can be used to modify your own problem sets or those of a colleague.
Modifications must be made before your assignment opens. Once students begin solving problems in the problem set, its too late to change those problems or even settings like the number of attempts or the score values.

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