Purchase The Physics Classroom's Question Bank CD

The Physics Classroom's Queston Bank is available in both a CD Format and as a Digital Downoad. Both CD and Digital Download options include the question in Microsoft Word format. There are no answers included with the Question Bank. 

The cost of the CD is $25 (US). This includes shipping costs to anywhere in the United States. Shipments to locations outside the US require an extra $5 (US). Payments can be made online using most major credit cards or a PayPal account. The payments are being collected using PayPal's secure payment system. To purchase the CD format, select your shipping location and click on the Buy Now button to complete the payment process at PayPal.

This is a teacher-only resource. We do not ship the CD to students or parents (and we will only refund a portion of the PayPal payment if a student or parent orders the CD). For this reason, we must have a means of verifying that the purchaser of the CD is a teacher or school. The form below cotains two fields for you to provide information that helps us to verify this. Providing a school mailing address is an easy means of verifying the order. Additional means include providing your school name and school phone number or a URL to your school's teacher directory. Use the fields below to provide this information. Fill out the form below to receive the Question Bank as a CD.

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Once we've convinced ourselves that the order was made for a teacher, the order will be quickly processed and the CD will be in the mail by the next business day.

NOTE: We have had some recent negative reports about the functionality of the above button. We've witnessed it not working as well. And we've also witnessed that a second and a third click on the Buy Now button results in success. So follow the proverbial phrase: if first you don't succeed, try, try again. After all, it isn't skydiving. And if you are still having difficulties with the button, then please use the email address below to let us know. Thanks heaps.

Teachers who would rather pay using a school purchase order can print the following order form.

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