Teacher Resources

The Physics Classroom has been devoted to helping students, teachers, and classrooms since the 1990s. We are as passionate about that mission now as we have ever been. If you are a teacher of Physics or Physical Science, we encourage you to use our Video Tutorial with your students. And we also encourage you to consider the use of other resources on our website that coordinate with the video. We have listed a few below to help you get started.


The Curriculum Corner - Kinematics Section

The Curriculum Corner is our in-the-trenches curriculum for use with your classes. It consists of a series of Think Sheets that systematically develop concepts in a logical manner. You will find several Think Sheets on the topic of velocity-time graphs in the Kinematics Chapter.

Teacher Toolkits: Velocity-Time Graphs

Need a resource? We can help. Our Teacher Toolkits consist of annotated links to web resources that we believe are standards-based and multi-media driven. Find what you need quick with a toolkit in your hand.

Science Reasoning Center

Our Science Reasoning Center includes unique collection of activities that encourage students to analyze data presentations and experimental descriptions and to draw conclusions based on reasoning. 

Physics Interactives: Graphs and Ramps

Our Graphs and Ramps simulation is a game-like challenge that requires that students build a collection of ramps along which a ball will roll so that its motion is consistent with a given motion graph. The activity will require an understanding of both constant velocity and changing velocity motions.

Concept Builder: Velocity-Time Graphs

Students love Concept Builders. And here's one on the conceptual aspects of velocity-time graphs. Students must combine their understanding of constant speed and changing speed motions in order to answer questions and win the Trophy.

Concept Builder: Graph That Motion

Another Concept Builder ... and an awesome challenge. Students view the simulated motion of an object and must match it to a position-time or a velocity-time graph.

Concept Builder: Match That Graph

And still another Concept Builder. Consisting of multiple levels of difficulty, this Concept Builder provides a position-time graph and challenges students to pick the coresponding velocity-time graph (or vice versa).

Minds On Physics, App #1, Missions KG5-KG7

For those who are serious about learning Physics, we recommend our Minds On Physics apps. These interactive questioning modules include a collection of carefully-crafted questions to target those stubbornly-held wrong ideas. A quick tap on a Help button provides insight into the source of your faulty thinking. It is a great homework tool for teachers, providing a mastery-learning approach and a means to track student progress.

The Physis Classroom Tutorial: 1D Kinematics Chapter - Lesson 4

The Physics Classroom's Tutorial is always a great location to go to freshen up on a topic. Written in an easy-to-understand language, the Tutorial provides a reliable resource on most topics in Physics. Many teachers link to the Tutorial from their course space.