The Boundary Behavior of Waves

The Boundary Behavior of Waves Interactive consists of four different investigations that are intended to lead to an understanding of the behavior of a wave as it passes across the boundary that separates one medium from another medium. The behavior of a wave (actually a pulse) is modeled by the back-and-forth movements of the particles of the medium through which it moves. Learners view the particles undergoing an up-and-down movement as a transverse pulse travels through it. The first investigation involves an exploration of how the density of a medium affects the speed of a pulse that travels through it. In the second and third investigations, learners analyze the behavior of a pulse as it reflects off the end of the medium - both a fixed end and a free-end. In the final investigation, learners adjust the relative density of two adjoining media and observe the behavior of an incident pulse once it reaches the boundary between them.

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