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The Minds On Physics Internet Modules (MOP) were intended to be easy to use. A Directions page is provided to help students quickly get started. And pages about Teacher Usage of the modules and Teacher Registration are provided to help teachers with the more complicated task of integrating MOP into their curriculum as a learning, assessment, and homework tool. All of these direction pages are accompanied by Sreencasts that demonstrate specific features of the program. Some of the screencasts are especially designed with students in mind. Others will be of interest to teachers who have purchased teacher accounts (or are considering the purchase of teacher accounts).


Especially for Students

The following videos will be useful for students who are just learning to use the Minds On Physics Internet Modules.

  • Get acquainted with how the MOP program works, how to get started and how to progress through an assignment.
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  • Some teachers customize assignments for their classes. To do a customized assignment, you will need to use a Start Code. Learn how to enter a Start Code in order to begin a customized assignment.
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Especially for Teachers

The following videos will be useful for teachers who are becoming acquainted with the teacher side of the Minds On Physics Internet Modules.

  • Acquiring a teacher account allows teachers to quickly preview question within an assignment and to customize the assignment. Learn how to use these two teacher options.
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  • A teacher account allows teachers to quickly check the validity of students' success codes. There are a couple of options for doing this. This video demonstrates the use of Option #1.
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  • A second option for checking the validity of success codes involves the storage of a student ID numbers as a cookie on the local hard drive. The roster is retrieved when checking success codes. Clicking on a student ID allows a teacher to quickly validate a student's success codes.
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