Up and Down With Energy

The Up and Down With Energy Concept Builder focuses on the use of energy conservation principles in order to analyze the motion of a vertically launched projectile. Given an initial kinetic energy at launch, learners determine the potential and kinetic energies at various locations along the trajectory. There are three difficulty levels with each successive difficulty level adding an extra dimension to the analysis. By the time the Wizard Difficulty Level is reached, learners are calculating values of height and speed at various locations. A built-in number pad makes numerical entry very easy on mobile devices. Feedback is immediate and communicated by means of a color code system. Learners can repeat a difficulty level in an effort to improve their health percentage. Help is provided for each difficulty level. Use of this Concept Builder with our Task Tracker system allows teachers to track student progress.

Launch Concept Builder

Users are encouraged to open the Concept Builder and explore. There is no need for an activity sheet for this Concept Builder. However, the questions for the three difficulty levels can be viewed and printed. View Questions (For Teachers Only).

Learners and Instructors may also be interested in viewing the accompanying Notes page. Technical information, teaching suggestions, and related resources that complement this Concept Builder are provided on the Notes page. View Notes.