pH and pOH Calculations

The pH and pOH Concept Builder includes three scaffolded difficulty levels designed to provide learners comfort with the mathematical relationship between pH, pOH, hydronium ion (H3O+) concentration, and hydroxide ion (OH-) concentration.  In each difficulty level, a five row table is presented with unknown pH, pOH, and concentration values. Learners must determine the unknown values. Immediate feedback is given and chances for correction of incorrectly-inputted values is allowed. Help is provided for each difficulty level. Built-in score-keeping makes this Concept Builder a perfect candidate for a classroom activity.

Launch Concept Builder

Users are encouraged to open the Concept Builder and explore. There is no need for an activity sheet for this Concept Builder. However, the 12 different groups of questions can be printed. View Questions.

Learners and Instructors may also be interested in viewing the accompanying Notes page. Technical information, teaching suggestions, and related resources that complement this Concept Builder are provided on the Notes page. View Notes.