NOTEOur Minds On Physics Internet Modules is on the verge of completion. As of this writing (8/31/2021), we have 149 of 151 missions completed and operational. We hope to have our usage directions, tutorials, walk-throughs, and payment portal to be published over the course of this week (8/30 - 9/4). Here is information about our pricing.

MOP Subscriptions and Pricing For Schools

With the advent of Version 5 of the Minds On Physics Internet Modules, we have re-thought and revised our Payment Portal for Task Tracker subscriptions. The revisions have been made to allow teachers to conveniently bundle our Minds On Physics (MOP) tracking with our Concept Builder (CB) tracking at a reduced rate. By bundling the two products, you can set up a class to use both tools. Students will be able to view assigned MOP missions and CB assignments on the same assignment board. And teachers will be able to double the pool of track-able resources available without a doubling of the price.

The main revision we have made is that we now price our plans based on the "number of seats" you need rather than on the "number of students" you have. So what's the difference? For many teachers, there will be no difference because you will only be using Concept Builders or Minds On Physics and not both. But for those who will be bundling the two together in any given class, you need to think in terms of "seats" and not just in terms of "students". Here's how to think about it:

When you set up your classes, you will choose which type of tool(s) you will use with that class.  Your current options are Concept Builders only, Minds On Physics only, or both Concept Builders + Minds On Physics. The number of seats required will depend upon the choice you make and be based upon the following rules:

Concept Builders Only: 1 student requires 1 seat

Minds On Physics Only: 1 student requires 1 seat

Concept Builders + Minds On Physics: 1 student requires 1.5 seats

Since the decision to bundle or not to bundle is made on a per-class basis, you will have to do the math for each of the classes that you will use Task Tracker with.  The following Seat Calculator might simplify your purchase.


Seat Calculator:

This worksheet should help you to determine the best estimate of the number of seats that you need to purchase.

  1. Fill in the following

    C = # of students using Concept Builders Only: __________
    M = # of students using Minds On Physics Only: __________
    B = # of Students using CBs + MOPs: __________

  2. Using the values of C, M, and B from #1, calculate the total # of seats that you should purchase. (We like algebra!)

    T = Total # of Seats = C + M + 1.5•B

    Round the value of T to the nearest integer. If desired, add a few extra to the total to account for possible course additions (a likely occurrence when the student body learns how cool Task Tracker is). But don't add too many because you can always purchase more at a later time in packs of 5. 


How Do I Purchase Seats?

Now that you have determined the number of seats that you need, it is time to purchase them. You do that by purchasing an annual Subscription Plan. There are two types of Subscriptions Plans that can be purchased - an Individual TeacherSubscription Plan and a Group Subscription Plan. They are described below


Individual Teacher Subscription Plan

Individual Teacher Plans are reseved for individual teachers with a need for 120 seats or less. Seats are priced at $1/seat. You can buy as many seats as you need (see worksheet in above section). You buy only what you need; there should be little waste. Payments can be made using a Purchase Order (have your PO# ready), Credit Card or PayPal transfer.

If you need more seats at a later time, you can purchase them at the rate of $1/seat in increments of 5 seats. (We do not accept Purchase Orders for upgrades unless the upgrade cost exceeds $50.)


Group Subscription Plan

Group Plans are designed for groups of two or more teachers with a need for at least 150 seats. Seats are priced at $0.80/seat and you can buy as many seats as you perceive that you will need. Payments can be made using a Purchase Order (have your PO# ready), Credit Card or PayPal transfer. The minimum payment is $120 (for 150 seats).

Group plans can be upgraded at any later time in increments of 5 students at the cost of $0.80/student. We do not accept Purchase Orders for upgrades unless the upgrade cost exceeds $50.

With group plans, seats are shared by all teachers in the plan. Students can be easily transferred from one teacher's class to another teacher's class. Assignments created by one teacher can be cloned to another teacher's class.


Common Questions

  1. What should I do if I am an individual teacher and have more than 120 students? There doesn't seem to be a plan for me.

    Answer: Purchase a Group Plan for 150 or more seats. It is less expensive to purchase a Group Plan for 151 seats than it is to purchase an Individual Teacher Plan for 121 seats. Then just hope you can find another teacher to fill that second teacher seat.

  2. (Follow up to Question 1) But what if I purchase the Group Plan and then can't find a second teacher for the second teacher seat? Will you come to my house and ask for more money?

    Answer: Probably not. We're way too busy for that. Just leave the second teacher seat open.

  3. There's two teachers at our school and we both need 40 seats. Can we purchase an Indivdual Teacher Plan for 80 seats?

    Answer: That's not a good solution. Individual Teacher Plans are for single teachers; a single log-in account is provided with the purchase of such a plan. If there are two teachers from the same school with the need for 120 or less seats, then two individual teacher plans will have to be purchased. Those two plans operate independent of one another. Seats cannot be transferred between the two teacher accounts.

  4. If I purchase an Individual Teacher Plan, can I convert it at a later time to a Group Plan? 

    Answer: No. Indivdidual Teacher Plans are not convertible to Group Plans. Once you purchase an Individual Teacher Plan, you have locked in your upgrade cost at $1/student. You can upgrade the Individual Teacher Plan past 120 students but you cannot convert it to a Group Plan.

  5. Is there a charge for the teacher? Is a Group Plan with 10 teachers the same price as a Group Plan with 4 teachers (and the same number of students)?

    Answer: The number of teachers does not factor into the cost of Group Plans. But you are limited to 999 teachers so use those teacher seats sparingly.

  6. Are these annual subscriptions or lifetime subscriptions?

    Answer: These are annual subscriptions. We're going to ask you for more money next year so start saving now. And the great news is that we'll have more offerings next year. This keeps getting better. 

  7. Do you offer AAA Auto Club discounts? What about Senior Citizen's discounts?

    Answer: No. But AAA Auto Club is still a great program. And we love Senior Citizens. And we are big discount fans ourselves. Our main discount is the discounted cost of purchasing Concept Builders and Minds On Physics.

  8. I'm a Chemistry teacher and I feel left out. Do you have a Minds On Chemistry program I can purchase?

    Answer: We're sorry you feel left out. We do love Chemistry and we love Chemistry teachers. Yet we don't have a Minds On Chemistry program. But Wow! That's a great idea. (Spoiler alert!)

  9. What do I do if I still have questions?

    Answer: If you still have questions, then email us. We are always glad to help.

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Are you ready to make your purchase? Read about the two-step process of purchasing a subscription and assigning teachers to the subscription. See our Minds On Physics Directions page.


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