1-Dimensional Kinematics

Kinematics pertains to the description of the motion of objects. It is a branch of mechanics - the study of the motion of objects. The set of Video Tutorials below explain the variety of ways that motion is described.

We began the creation of video tutorials in early August, beginning with the topic of Kinematics. Our first generation of videos is now complete  and we have moved onto Newton's Laws. Our current list of videos is shown here.

Introduction to Kinematics; Scalars vs. Vectors (postponed)

Distance vs. Displacement

Speed vs. Velocity

Describing Motion with Diagrams


Position-Time Graphs: Constant Speed Motion

Position-Time Graphs:  Changing Speed  Motion

Position-Time Graphs: Determing the Velocity from the Slope

Velocity-Time Graphs: Constant Speed Motion

Velocity-Time Graphs: Changing Speed Motion

Velocity-Time Graphs:  Slope Calculations

​Velocity-Time Graphs: Area Calculations

Kinematic Equations

Kinematic Equations and Solving Problems - Part 1

Kinematic Equations and Solving Problems - Part 2

Free Fall Motion - The Basics

Kinematic Equations and Free Fall

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