Momentum and Collisions - Mission MC4 Detailed Help

TRUE       or       FALSE:
Consider a collision between a very massive and a less massive object. The object with the least mass will encounter the greater force.

(Note: The exact wording of your true-false statement is randomly selected and may vary from the above wording.)

Newton's Third Law:
In any interaction between two objects, the objects mutually exert forces upon each other. These forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. So if object 1 exerts a force of F2 on object 2, then object 2 exerts an equal force (in the opposite direction) of F1 on object 1. In equation form
F1 = - F2

As the two carts collide, they begin to push upon each other. These pushes are the result of their mutual contact interaction. The pushes are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction - ALWAYS!

There may be some quantities that are different for the more massive cart compared to the least massive cart. But one thing is for certain: the forces that they experience are equal in magnitude and endure for the same period of time. The least massive cart may encounter the greatest velocity change and acceleration. But don't be fooled! This question asks you to compare the forces that they experience. Make "ole Newt" happy and believe that they are equal.