Acquiring a Teacher Account

Students can use the Minds On Physics app without joining or subscribing to the service. Similarly, teachers can preview the modules without any form of membership. The process involves creating a simplified account without a Teacher Code or other class information. Then select Do Minds On Physics and select the Sudden Death Mode (recommended) or the Marathon Mode. This process allows students to use the Minds On Physics as a learning tool even if they are not associated with a teacher or a course.

If a teacher wishes to use Minds On Physics the App with their classes as a homework tool or a combination of homework-classwork tool, then the teacher may wish to consider the purchase of a Minds On Physics Teacher Account. The value of having such an account is discussed on our Teacher Use page. By purchasing a teacher account, a teacher will receive an official Teacher Code that can be entered by their students when creating an account. Student success codes will be based upon this Teacher Code (and the student's ID number). The Teacher Account provides the teacher access to a password-protected website where student success codes can be checked. It takes about 15 minutes to validate a unit's worth of homework for a typical class.

Teacher accounts also provide teachers with the ability to quickly preview questions within any given mission using the Teacher Preview mode. The mode can be used to discuss specific questions with a class in advance of giving an assignment. Teacher Preview mode is also useful during short help sessions with students; it allows the teacher to quickly finding that troublesome question that the student keeps missing. Finally, the Teacher Preview mode allows a teacher to customize a mission by removing up to two groups of questions that are in the mission. A more complete discussion of the teacher preview mode and mission customization can be found at the Teacher Use page.

Buy Now

Teachers who purchased Teacher Accounts during the 2015-16 school year will automatically have their accounts renewed at no charge for the upcoming school year. It's our way of saying "Thanks for hanging in there with us as we make the Shockwave to app transition." 

Teacher registration for the 2016-17 school year is now open. If you didn't register last year, you are welcome to register this year. Annual Teacher Accounts can be purchased for $50. The account provides teachers access to the teacher side of MOP from the date of purchase until July 31, 2017. The teacher side is a Shockwave-based program that works with the same technology used for the Shockwave-based internet modules found on our website. Teachers that are interested in purchasing a Teacher Acount can make a payment using PayPal's secure payment system. Payments may be made using most major credit cards or a PayPal account. To get started, simply fill out the short form below and click on the Buy Now button to complete the payment process at PayPal. Once paid for at PayPal, all sales are final and refunds are not granted. Thus, please be certain that the Shockwave version of the program works on your computer before purchasing.


First and Last Name
Name of School

Your order will be quickly processed. Once processed, you will be assigned a teacher code and receive an email with instructions on how to finalize the set-up of your account and gain access to the teacher side of MOP.


Ordering by P.O.

Schools and other institutions that prefer a different manner of payment can contact The Physics Classroom with their preferred method of payment. Purchase orders are accepted via email or snail mail. Individuals that wish to pay by check can also email The Physics Classroom for ordering instructions. Include your name, your school name and the email(s) of the registering teacher(s) in order to expedite the registration process.

Please enter MOP Teacher Account in the Subject line of the email. You will receive a prompt reply that will get your students MOP-ping within a day or two.


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